Body Punishment

Coming out in three weeks! Getting very nervous!


“What I have falls under the heading of obsessive-compulsive disorders. One term. One concept. OCD. Throw in anxiety and addiction – in my case, alcoholism – and it all falls into place. Back then, though—as a kid, through adolescence, puberty, teens, twenties, thirties—all I knew was this: I was a freak, and I was alone.”


From Beer to Maternity



“Ladies, forget Cosmopolitan, Glamour and all the other magazines that have advice for women … This book is the real deal … the true source of what females everywhere need to know … It is my belief this book will soon become a right of passage for females everywhere.”

“From “Beer to Maternity” is the perfect book for those of us who have found themselves in the middle of life asking, “How did I get here?” 


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“From Beer to Maternity”

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