The conversation

The conversation

Anyone who knows me knows I have historically eschewed politics at every possible turn. I don’t necessarily understand them, and I’m not necessarily interested in them except insofar as they tend to orchestrate the world stage.

Recent situations have compelled me to educate myself in this area – about the present, and about the past. I’ve learned much about past presidents, for instance, and the information has, in many cases, compromised the vague sense of “good” or “bad” I may have developed as an outlier all these years. My ability to keep politics even farther than arm’s length all of these years has been nothing short of impressive. And I think, maybe I don’t belong in this conversation around president-elect Trump, because I’m learning how much I don’t know about the system, its history, the possibilities. I’ve been dodging it all my life.

Then I remember I’ve also been a human all of my life, and that’s what qualifies me to be involved in this conversation. Because what I find offensive about him is not his politics – I barely know what his politics are – but his humanity. So I do belong.

And if you’re human, you belong, too.

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